Brand Strategy Consulting

Chain Invest is an active, long-term owner and partner for brands that are ready to take the next step in their growth.


Our mission is to help companies become international brands and success stories - with decades of executive experience

why chain invest?

Strong track record with international brand corporations and growth companies

Network of top professionals in Finland, Sweden and Germany

Long-term partner, active investor, and experienced advisor for your business


We build international success stories


Chain Invest is an independent Investor and Strategy Advisor for brands

Chain Invest

Trusted Partner for Your Brand

Brand Strategy



Customer Experience



Strategic Partnerships & Distribution



Innovative Business Concepts 



E-commerce & Digital Marketing

Private Equity

Growth companies, revenue 5-50MEUR



Focusing on consumer brands



Active role - advisor or board member



Currently six companies in the portfolio

About us

Chain invest is an investor and strategy advisor for brands with decades of experience in building global success stories. Chain invest has a strong track record of working with brands. We help brands to become international

success stories.

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